A Vegan Year

Day 24: Malaysian Curry Stew (Takeout)

Day 24 Pic 1 Malaysian Curry Stew
Here we have a bowl of Malaysian Curry Stew from Dao Palate, a vegan restaurant in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (I don’t live in the neighborhood, but they have a pretty wide delivery area). This dish is made with soy protein, carrots, broccoli and potatoes, and it’s delicious—mildly spicy, really hearty. And they give you enough for leftovers the next day. Other Dao Palate options I can recommend: the Avocado Tartar; Shredded Moo Shu Vegetables; Cilantro Tofu; Pineapple Fried Rice; and Thai Basil Fried Rice are all great, although the fake ham in the latter is very convincing in a way that’s a little gross. The one thing you have to try is the Peanut Butter Bomb; it’s the most ridiculous vegan treat ever. I mean, look at it!

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