A Vegan Year

Day 21: Amy’s Indian Mattar Tofu (Store-Bought)

Day 21 Pic 1 Amy's Indian Mattar Tofu
Here we have Friday’s quick heat-and-eat goop: Amy’s Indian Mattar Tofu (Amy’s offers a ton of vegan options; there’s a list of them here). This wasn’t an entirely satisfying dinner—the calorie count (280) is low for an evening meal, so I needed a snack before bed to silence my rumbling stomach—but it tasted pretty good. The rice was fluffy, the spices were mild but tasty, and it helps that I love peas. As for nutritional values, this dish has 8g of total fat (1g of which is saturated), 680mg of sodium, and 12g of protein, and it provides 10% of your recommended daily vitamin A and calcium, 15% of your vitamin C, and 8% of your iron—so, it’s pretty salty and there are no outstanding health benefits to be had here, but it’s not too dreadful for something you bung in the microwave and eat a few minutes later. It’s just a shame that my mushed-together mess doesn’t look quite as appetizing as the colorful, be-sprigged meal on the box!

Day 21 Pic 2 Amy's Indian Mattar Tofu

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