A Vegan Year

Day 17: Aglio E Olio (Pasta With Garlic & Oil)

Day 17 Pic 1 Aglio E Olio

And we have a repeat! This is our second round of Aglio E Olio (see Day 5 for details; the only difference here is that we used penne rather than fettuccine). This was once again made by Rob, pasta enthusiast and reluctant bowl model. I feel a little embarrassed posting the same dinner, but I want this to be a record of a “normal,” realistic vegan diet—i.e. what a non-chef cooks—and most of us have a repertoire of basic dishes we go back to again and again, so… here we go.

In other news, if you’re thinking about buying a Canada Goose jacket, please watch this video first (warning: it contains graphic footage and is NSFW unless your W is okay with you bawling for hours):

Those stupid jackets were everywhere in bougie Brooklyn last winter, and since the weather here is hardly arctic—and I’m sure there are equally warm options for under $700—it’s clear that the only reason you’d buy one is to show people how rich you are. Why not just have I HAZ $$$ tattooed on your forehead? You’ll be accurately broadcasting your IQ to the world while saving yourself a few hundred bucks! Win-win!

And it’s interesting to compare the footage in the video to this marketing bilge on the Canada Goose website:

We strongly support the ethical, responsible and sustainable use of fur. We only purchase fur from certified Canadian trappers, who live close to land and maintain traditions that have been passed down through generations. They have a profound respect for nature, and we are proud to support them. … We know that whether or not people want to wear fur is a personal choice, and we respect that. In turn, we hope that people will respect our ethical and responsible use of fur.

What a load of waffle! Did you observe “a profound respect for nature” in that video? Would you call skinning a sentient creature alive “responsible” and “ethical”? I’m guessing HELL NO, right?

PS. I can’t post a Vegan Gains video without adding: it’s great that Vegan Gains (aka Richard) is converting fratty dude bros to veganism, but if he can’t capture their interest without throwing women under the bus (figuratively speaking, I hope), then I’d argue that he’s hardly an exemplary advocate. And I’m disappointed that several prominent vegans have chosen to ignore his misogyny when they’ve interviewed him on their YouTube channels. Richard is cute and a bit dorky and you feel sorry for him, sure, I get it—but let’s not ignore all that is troubling about his content. Referencing a “dark sense of humor” doesn’t cut it as an excuse when there’s nothing funny in your statements—and I don’t just mean “nothing funny” in the Annoyed Feminist sense (though I am an Annoyed Feminist); I also mean it in the sense of “I enjoy a good joke and sadly that is not a good joke.” For example, his “most women only want to have children so that they don’t have to work and they can get taken care of” remark is a pretty weak quip; I’m sure most stand-up comedians would reject that one immediately if it was offered to them as free material. If you want to make jokes about us bitches and hoes, at least make them good jokes, dude. Give me a bit of a chuckle before I get back to the important business of filing my nails and having dem babies.

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