A Vegan Year

Days 14 & 15: Thai Red Curry With Tofu & Veggies

Days 14 & 15 Pic 1 Thai Red Curry
Another day, another bowl of tasty goop. This Thai Red Curry recipe comes from The Vegan Slow Cooker cookbook. I can’t find a link to the cookbook recipe online, but this one is identical, except that the cookbook suggests adding the coconut milk and broccoli only twenty minutes before serving rather than an hour. As for adaptations: I used nearly three tablespoons of the red curry paste to make it decently spicy, and I substituted the bamboo shoots and broccoli for carrots and sweet potatoes, because that’s what I had on hand (and I didn’t fancy bamboo shoots). I left out the basil because apparently I can’t read. I’d give this recipe… 6.5 out of 10? It was easy to prepare—hurrah for slow cookers—and the flavor was very nice, but the curry was a bit watery and had none of that oily creaminess you associate with deliciously shitty Thai takeout. I suspect this was down to the use of light coconut milk; I wish I’d ignored the recipe and gone for the full-fat kind. I’d try making this again, using proper coconut milk and maybe with vegetable stock (or vegan ‘chicken’ stock) instead of water.

In other news: I’ve finally encountered some meat-eatery nonsense that earns me a square on the Defensive Omnivore Bingo Card! Since becoming a vegan, I’ve mostly kept quiet about it IRL (I’m slowly gearing up for the role of bold and articulate animal rights advocate, but since I’m naturally meek and prone to mumbling it’s going to take me a while). However, veganism occasionally comes up when you’re at a restaurant with friends and there’s nothing remotely leafy on the menu and you have to mutter what-can-you-do-that’s-vegan? to the waiter. In that situation, most people have expressed mild interest—”Really? For your health? Or for ethical reasons?”—and then gone back to the odd business of eating carcasses. But over a recent lunch, one friend greeted the news with a dramatic eye roll and then wondered why it was okay for me to be eating those cashews—wasn’t I worried about causing them pain? And there’s my bingo square, just like that! I feel like a real vegan now.

After he’d expressed his, like, totally legitimate, not-trolling-at-all concerns about plant suffering, he then observed me putting almond milk in my coffee and told me that almond milk was causing the drought in California. I looked into this claim and wish I’d been able to quote this article:

While almond critics like to point out that 10 percent of California’s water goes to almond farming, they don’t tend to mention that 50 percent goes towards livestock.

Other excellent resources I wish I could’ve quoted: Emily’s Everything Wrong With Environmentalism In 11 Minutes Or Less video, and this 4 Reasons Why The ‘Plant Sentience’ Argument Doesn’t Work article. Ah well, I’ll be better prepared next time.

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