A Vegan Year

Day 8: Three-Bean Burritos

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Last night I felt like I needed a tube of food, so I made the Three-Bean Burritos* recipe from The Purple Carrot. If you’ve not heard of The Purple Carrot, they provide a meal-kit service much like Blue Apron, but for vegans (nope, I’m not sponsored). Each week they offer a “menu” of four dinner options; you choose two and they send you the necessary pre-measured ingredients, plus instructions. I’ve ordered from them a few times and I’d recommend it, especially if you’re new to veganism and/or an inexperienced cook (I’m both). It’s a good way to try unfamiliar ingredients and add a few recipes to your, ahem, repertoire, and, most importantly, every meal I’ve made has been really good. However, it’s also bloody expensive, so yesterday I just picked a recipe from their online Archive (now sadly deleted; see note below) and then went to the store all old-school style and bought the ingredients myself.

I followed the recipe exactly, and the end result was really good and quite spicy. I don’t think the fake cheese added anything to it, though. I’ve never been wild about Daiya (it doesn’t melt! why do people keep saying it melts?!), so I tried a different brand last night—Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Shreds (what a name!)—and the stuff was just as flavorless and non-melty. I think I’m resigned to a life without cheese substitutes. That’s the title of my memoir: A Life Without Cheese Substitutes.

Rob made a tomato-corn salad to go with the burritos (also based on a Purple Carrot recipe*). We forgot to add olive oil, and we used parsley instead of cilantro, but it still tasted fine, and it made me feel a lot more virtuous than if I’d just eaten a giant roll of beans.

* These links take you to cached versions of the recipes; The Purple Carrot is redoing their website and they seem to have hidden or deleted the old recipe archive.

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