A Vegan Year

Day 7: Falafel Sandwich (Takeout)

Day 07 Pic 1
When I was a kid, Friday night was always takeout night (except I grew up in New Zealand, so we called it takeaway), and we usually got fish and chips (except I grew up in New Zealand, so… yep, fush and chups). Fish/fush is off the menu now, but this grown-up Kiwi still enjoys a Friday night takeaway, and on this particular Friday we got falafel sandwiches from Damas. (If you’re a falafel fan in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, please do check out Damas; they don’t get as much love as nearby Black Iris or Zaytoons—and their self-proclaimed “no-nonsense dining area” hints at a certain, ahem, lack of ambience—but I reckon their falafel is miles tastier.)

Falafel—a patty made from ground chickpeas seasoned with parsley and spices—is a good option for vegans, as it’s high in protein and fiber. However, it’s typically deep-fried, so I wouldn’t eat it every single day (although even the frying isn’t so bad if they use a plant oil and are careful not to overheat it). It also makes for a pretty cheap meal—this falafel sandwich was super filling and cost all of $4.50. Damas adds a bunch of salad fixings and a dollop of tahini (which looks a lot like cream, but don’t worry; it’s a dairy-free sauce made from puréed sesame seeds), and they drown it in hot sauce if you ask nicely.

As for the photo—the beardy bloke is my husband Rob, who kindly agreed to play sandwich model, and the lurking beast is The Colonel, a gluttonous tuxedo cat who will probably appear, all desperate and vulture-like, in the background of many of these food pics.

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