A Vegan Year

Day 5: Aglio E Olio (Pasta With Garlic & Oil)

Day 05 Pic 1
Yesterday’s dinner was kindly assembled by Rob while I did some gallivanting. He made a simple Italian pasta dish called Aglio E Olio (“aglio e olio” is Italian for “garlic and oil”). The recipe is pretty much vegan, so long as you leave out the parmesan cheese (you can always sprinkle a little nutritional yeast on top instead). We usually add a side salad to appease our guilt re. the lack of vegetables, but we were out of salady stuff tonight so Rob just bunged some halved cherry tomatoes in with the garlic mix and cooked them for a minute or so. Yum! It’s pretty easy to prepare, too, though you wouldn’t know it from the parsley carnage on our kitchen floor (Rob is a… dramatic cook).

The picture on the left (below) was taken during the gallivanting. I’ve finally been getting back into running after a summer of immense laziness (as soon as the temperature goes above 80, I put on my lounging pants and hit the couch). Last night I managed four slow miles in Prospect Park and—critter bonus!—spotted a raccoon. The picture on the right depicts a regular occurrence: whenever Rob tries to talk on the phone, Lucy (aka The Anxious Cat) starts meowing incessantly and will only stop fussing when Rob picks her up and carries her around the house. She likes to look at the high things.

Day 05 Pic 2

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