A Vegan Year

Day 2: Roasted Butternut Alfredo

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I’m not sure why soaking something in water for a few hours seems like such an insurmountable obstacle—I’m totally capable of the extremely minor planning such a step entails—but whenever I see the word soak in a recipe, my brain goes NO. NOT DOING. TOO HARD. I’m glad I ignored myself in this instance and managed to bung some cashews in a bowl for two hours, because this Roasted Butternut Alfredo from Isa’s Post Punk Kitchen is SO GOOD and definitely worth the soaking faff.

I served this over whole grain penne and made a few minor changes to the recipe: since I had “chicken” broth left over from yesterday’s dinner, I used that instead of plain vegetable broth, and it tasted just fine. And I’m not sure I used the right kind of miso; I couldn’t find anything at the store called “mellow white miso” (is there a Relaxed Foods section I missed?), so I grabbed Shiro Miso soybean paste instead, and it didn’t seem to cause any repulsive problems (Google just informed me that shiro is Japanese for white, so perhaps it’s the same thing). Finally, I only added one tablespoon of nutritional yeast, as I like my “nooch” in small doses, and you can always sprinkle more on top. Vegan sacrilege, I know, but I’d rather suck on a fruity vitamin lozenge than endeavor to get my B12 fix by dousing all my meals with stuff that looks and smells like goldfish food.

The finished dish was decadent and cozy and delicious; if you ever have to cook dinner for one of those obnoxious carnivores who insists all vegan food is bland and tastes “too healthy,” this meal should hush them right up. Worth noting: I reckon the sage is a big part of why this tastes so good, so if you don’t have any on hand, it would be… sage (sorry!) to save this recipe for another day. Bonus #1: it made enough for an extra meal or two. Bonus #2: the recipe calls for white wine, which means you get to enjoy this meal with a glass or two of leftover booze.

Unrelated: aren’t these photos of a crumbling Parisian housing complex incredibly surreal and a little sinister? You can read more about these grands ensembles here.

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